Garmin GHS 11 Full Function Handset





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Garmin GHS 11

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Product Description

GHS 11 allows full function of your compatible VHF radio from a remote location. There are no complex components, just a simple design that includes soft keys, a 2 Inch diagonal dot matrix display and a coiled cable that stretches from about 1 Feet to nearly 5 Feet. A rotary and push knob for volume, squelch and channel selection makes it easy to use with a dedicated button for access to channels 16/9. All buttons and knobs resemble those of the VHF radio. In addition, GHS 11 features a microphone that has intercom capabilities when connected to a speaker.

Features & Benefits

  • GHS 11 Allows Full Function Of Your Compatible VHF Radio From A Remote Location
  • Simple Design That Includes Soft Keys, A 2 Inch Diagonal Dot Matrix Display And A Coiled Cable That Stretches From About 1 Feet To Nearly 5 Feet
  • Features A Microphone That Has Intercom Capabilities When Connected To A Speaker
  • Water Rating: IPX7