Azimut Boat Parts

Azimut Yachts was originally founded in 1969 by Paolo Vitelli.  In 1970, expanding from the original business of chartered sailing boats, Azimut expanded to distribute many luxury yachting brands from Italy.  In collaboration with Amerglass they designed the AZ 43 Bali which was a mass-produced fiberglass boat. Azimut acquired Benetti, a historic brand from Viareggio Italy that had been building boats since 1873.  Azimut Yachts has become one of the premiere yacht and megayacht builders in the industry. With a unique and striking design, Azimut combines elegant Italian design with cutting edge technology. 

Replacement and spare parts for Azimut boats can be difficult to find or acquire for many outside of Europe.  That is where European Boat Parts comes in, we have or can find any replacement part you may need. Browse our inventory of compatible Azimut boat parts below.  Or visit our custom sourcing page to have us track down that impossible to find part.

TCI Saronno Marine 240v to 24v AC Transformer

TCI Saronno Marine grade 240v to 24v AC Electronic Transformer.  TCI is Italian Manufacturer of e...

TCI Saronno Marine grade 240v to 24v AC Electronic Transformer.  TCI is Italian Manufacturer of electronic components for lighting applications.   Technical Specifications: • IP20 independent transformer, for halogen lamps 12/24 V.• Class II protection against electric shock following direct or indirect contact.• Complete with terminal cover and cable retainer.• Input and output terminal blocks on the same side (terminal area 2,5 mm2).• Clamping screws on primary and secondary circuits for ca...