VanDutch Boat Parts

Founded in 2008 in Europe, VanDutch is defined by its minimalistic approach to materials and system complexity.  Simplifying the experience while making it straightforward for the beginner, versatile for the family yet still powerful for the thrill seeker.  The VanDutch 40 was launched in 2009 as the only model in the fleet to much acclaim. An innovative open top deck made this a compelling yacht for day cruising, and entertaining.  VanDutch continues to follow the mantra “Build Smarter”; focusing on innovative, efficient designs. In 2017 VanDutch was acquired by the company’s Americas distributor and decided to renovate its manufacturing processes perfecting its innovative build strategies and using the best strategic partners available.

Replacement and spare parts for VanDutch boats can be difficult to find or acquire for many outside of Europe.  That is where European Boat Parts comes in, we have or can find any replacement part you may need. Browse our inventory of compatible VanDutch boat parts below.  Or visit our custom sourcing page to have us track down that impossible to find part.