Shore Power Portable Boost Transformers




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Marine Electric shore power portable boost transformers are safe, powerful, and can protect your 115/230 volt AC equipment from many harmful low dock voltage conditions. Both the 100 amp and 50 amp versions are equipped with durable carrying handles and can be conveniently set next to your dockside power pedestal.

When connected, a static 10% voltage boost is delivered to provide safer and more effective power to your boat. There are no manual overrides on these units, so the voltage will be boosted 10% regardless of input voltage. Not suitable for marinas where erratic voltage fluctuations occur.

Marine Electric shore power cable sets are made from only the highest quality material. These cord sets provide power with accuracy and dependability. With design features such as locking connections and pin/sleeve plugs, our cable sets are safe and reliable. All cable is high potential tested for insulation resistance with a 5 milliamp default current setting.

  • 10% Boost
  • ABYC Compliant
  • Portable
  • Durable
  • Useful for 115/230 volt AC shore power systems.



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